Under Floor Heating in Ffestiniog

Under floor heating is a luxury service which we provide here at Thomas Plumbing and Heating. Under floor heating is basically a heating system underneath your floor and can be fitted no matter what type of under flooring you have.

Under floor heating has many benefits, some of these include;

Warm rooms/home

Saves energy

Self controlled

Can suit any home decor


Heats up from as little as 3 minutes

Under floor heating systems in Ffestiniog are often seen as a luxury product because when you have a normal heater/ radiator on the room does get nice and warm but when walking along a under floor heating system in Ffestiniog with bare feet or socks on you can feel the warmth on your feet as well as everywhere else.

Under floor heating systems in Ffestiniog are most popularly found in bathrooms and kitchens even though they can be fitted in any room, we found this is because if you’re having to cook a big meal and have to spend a long time on your feet in the kitchen it is just nice to stand on a warm heating system. Bathrooms are found to be very popular as well most commonly because of when you step out of the shower/bath your whole body can be heated from the heating system but also you can step onto a nice warm floor.

If you are interested in having an under floor heating system fitted in Ffestiniog or have any questions please get in touch today we are happy to help.

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